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*** From 23/03/2022, the 2022 Flu Vaccines,for private and free for 6 months to 5 years old, over 65, and free for chronic disease holder and pregancy,  are available now.

***From 01/02/2020, we are able to provide Q Fever pre-vaccination testing and Vaccination. It is highly recommended for individuals working or associated with the meat processing and affiliated livestock industries

*** From 30/12/2019, we are a Government accredited Yellow Fever Vaccination Medical Centre. As you know, Yellow fever Vaccination is compulsory for travellors going to South America and / or Africa,  given at least 4 weeks before your travel. 

*** Gardasil 9 (HPV 9 ) Vaccination is still ongoing for both governmental catch up program for under 20 year old (Medicare card holder and overseas student) and private clients.

*** 23/03/2022, 2022 流感疫苗,自费, 6 个月到5 岁,65岁以上, 以及慢性病患者和孕妇的免费流感疫苗已经到诊所,现在可以预约护士接种了.

*** 从 01/02/2020 起, 我们能够为您提供Q 热疫苗的接种, 包含接种前的测试。这是在屠宰场和生禽农场的工作人员的必备。

*** 从 30/12/2019 起, 我们是澳洲政府批准的黄热病疫苗的医疗接种中心。如果您要去南美洲和/ 或者非洲,必须接种黄热病疫苗。亲,请预约护士接中。

*** 大家好,如果你或者你的孩子在20周岁以下,有澳洲政府的Medicare card 或者海外学生保险, 政府资助的疫苗补接种计划,包括9价的女青少年宫颈癌疫苗和男女孩的尖锐湿疣及男孩的阴茎癌疫苗,现在仍在进行之中,请预约护士接种。