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*** Are you ready for the coming winter? We have Pfizer/Moderna bivalent vaccines covering both the original Covid-19 strain and Omicron BA.4/BA.5 for your best protection!  

*** The 2023 Flu vaccines are available now! Eligible customers can also access government free flu vaccine. If you are unsure about your eligibility, you can book with our nurse directly.  

*** We continue to provide HPV vaccines for all at risk population. Eligible customers can access free HPV vaccine supplied by governmental catch-up programs for those under 25 years old. We also have private HPV vaccines for those who do not meet the government criteria. If you are unsure about your eligibility, you can book with our nurse directly. 

*** From 01/10/2022, COVID-19 vaccination for some children aged 6 months to under 5years available now in AIM Health Doncaster. ATAGI recommend the COVID-19 vaccination for some children aged 6 months to under 5 years, please make an appointment with our doctor for more details. Vaccine booking starts from 02/10/2022 by phone 03 9005 2118.

*** From 07/05/2021, we can provide COVID 19 vaccination by AstraZeneca, Pfizer,Moderna and Novavax vaccines via governmental supply. AIM Health is pleased to advise we have been approved as one of the first Cohort of COVID Vaccination clinic by the Australian Government Department of Health in March 2021.  


***From 01/02/2020, we are able to provide Q Fever pre-vaccination testing and Vaccination. It is highly recommended for individuals working or associated with the meat processing and affiliated livestock industries.


*** From 30/12/2019, we are a government accredited Yellow Fever Vaccination Medical Centre. As you know, yellow fever Vaccination is compulsory for travellers going to South America and/or Africa, given at least 4 weeks before your travel. 


*** 你准备好迎接即将到来的冬天了吗?我们有最新的新冠二价疫苗(辉瑞、莫德纳二价疫苗)可以防护原始菌株和奥密克戎BA.4/BA.5病株,为您提供最佳保护!

*** 2023 年流感疫苗现已上市!符合条件的客户还可以接种政府免费的流感疫苗。您可以直接预约护士问诊

*** 我们继续提供 HPV 九价疫苗。符合条件的客户还可以接种政府为 25 岁以下人群提供的免费 HPV 疫苗。如果您有任何的疑问,您可以直接预约护士问诊

*** 从02/10/22 开始预约接种5岁以下6个月以上儿童新冠疫苗(Moderna). 免费.  请预约 03 9005 2118.

*** 从 01/02/2020 起, 我们能够为您提供Q 热疫苗的接种, 包含接种前的测试。这是在屠宰场和生禽农场的工作人员的必备。

*** 从 30/12/2019 起, 我们是澳洲政府批准的黄热病疫苗的医疗接种中心。如果您要去南美洲和/ 或者非洲,必须接种黄热病疫苗。请预约护士接。