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Vaccination and Travel Health

Vaccination and Travel Health

Travel or relocation is always a joy. However if it is not planned well, things can go wrong. Even worse, diseases/disaster could happen. However, a lot of diseases can be prevented by medications or vaccinations. Such preventative health measures are advised to plan early — at least 8 weeks beforehand.

Dr Guo has many years of research and teaching experiences and clinical practices about vaccines. We are familiar with the different risks in various countries, regions and itinerary. We know how to manage those risks.

During your trips, we can advise through telehealth by appointment via WeChat, Skype, etc. Upon your return, travel related problems will most likely be present within 2 weeks. A visit for medical examination is crucial for your health.

We can provider almost all the travel vaccination including Yellow fever and Q fever vaccines. Our special deals with suppliers mean that we can provide you with good quality tools (vaccines etc.) at a very competitive price.

Besides, we can also provide routine immusination for children, catch up immusination for children and youth, and vaccination for risk group of adults – some of them are covered under special governmental programs, for example, free Whooping Cough Vacinnes for expecting / new parents; free Hepatitis B Vaccines for household with active Hepatitis B, etc.


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